Membership Matters

Becoming a member of a church is both an important and God honoring act. Both Christ and Paul pointed us toward membership for our encouragement, our protection, and our instruction. Here at Concord we take church membership seriously.

The importance of church membership and the need for all followers of Christ to be a member of a local, Bible based, church is elaborated on in the brochures entitled "Understanding the Church" and "Why Join a Church?" Both of these brochures are found in our Free Resources section and in the front entrance of our church.

Membership Matters Class

The importance of church membership is why we offer a "Membership Matters Class" every quarter during the Sunday school hour (10:00 -  10:45am). This is a two session class that spans two Sundays.


In our "Membership Matters Class" you will learn what we believe, how we operate as a church, general knowledge about our denomination, and the necessity of having experienced the new birth and baptism by immersion.


Those who take the class with the intent of joining the church will also be given a book  on "What is a healthy church member?"

Procedure For Joining

Prior to joining the church you will need to share with the pastor your desire to join. The pastor will set up a time to interview you and explain the process. If you are in agreement with the beliefs of the church and you have met the biblical creterion for church membership (Biblcially saved, baptism by immersion), you will be recommended to the congregation that will vote on accepting you into the body (the church).