"The Restoration Miracle" (John 21:1-19)

Jesus' last miracle, His thirty-fifth one, located in John 21, is a carbon copy of His fourth miracle. Why? There are times we need to revisit the place, the experience, the moment when Christ touched us, saved us, and called us. We need a renewed vision of Christ's power, and love. We need to relive that day, that experience, or that touch that changed our lives. Jesus' last miracle before ascending into heaven is for all people who need a renewed touch, or a second chance.
We invite you to worship with us at Concord General Baptist Church this Sunday (04-23-17). We are located at 3085 Manitou Rd. (3 miles from Manitou on Hwy 630). Our message title is The Restoration Miracle. Our text is from John 21:1-19.

Music by our Youth

In addition to our message this Sunday (04-23-17), in our 11:00 a.m. service, our music will be provided by our youth. This will also include an interpretive song. As you can see from the photo, the youth have been working hard on their props.

Easter At Concord

Easter is a special time, but even more so this Easter at Concord. We invite you to join us for a meal and a great service.


Brunch will be served in our basement from 9:00 to 10:15 a.m. 


Our service will include a drama presentation and a message by our pastor on "The Case for the Resurrection." Our service will begin at 10:30 A.m. We have available for your convenience, a nursey for children under 2 years, children church for children 2-5, and Junior Church for children 6-10, all of which are located in our basement. We also have pew activities for children who would like to stay with their parents.


Our church is located at 3085 Manitou Rd. (Hwy. 630), Manitou, KY 42436. We are less than 10 minutes from the intersection of McDonld's and Arby's in Madisonville.

6th Annual Eggstravaganza at Concord

Kids 6th grade and below are invited to join us for an eggciting time at Concord General Baptist Church on Saturday, April 15th for our Annual Easter Egg hunt. Registration will be from 10:00 - 10:25 or you can pre-register by calling the church phone (249-3623) or by clicking on "Contact Us" and filling out the necessary information. The egg hunt will begin at 10:30 a.m.


We will have three areas for kids to hunt eggs, ranging from birth through four years old, kindergarden through third grade, and fourth through sixth grade. Each age group will be hunting for plastic eggs scattered through out their section. These eggs will contain either candy, or a piece of paper with a monetary amount written on it. This paper can be exchanged for the amount listed on it. Amounts will range from small change up to five dollars. In addition to this there will be a grand prize for each age group. For the little guys and gals, there will be a small trike, for the two older groups there will be a fifty dollar gift card from Wal-Mart..


(You must be registered to be entered into the grandprize drawing.)

The Garden Miracle    "Luke 22:49-51"

Even Jesus, the Son of God, needed His special place, a place of solitude and safety. He needed a place to get away from the crowd, the cries for help, and the busyness of life.
His special place is often referred to as the Garden of Gethsemane. John states in John 18:1-2, "When Jesus had spoken these words, he went out with his disciples across the brook Kidron, where there was a garden, which he and his disciples entered."
The Garden was located at the foot of the Mount of Olives, very near the Eastern Wall of the city of Jerusalem.
But on this particular night, the night before His crucifixion, His special place, His safe space was invaded by the enemy with the help of a traitor named Judas.
My message this Sunday (04/09/17) is titled "The Garden Miracle." Our text is in Luke 22:49-51.
Come worship with us at Concord General Baptist Church located 3085 Manitou, Ky 42436. Choose either the 8:15 or 11:00 a.m. service. Ministry opportunities for all ages of children are available in the 11:00 a.m. service.

"Fig Tree Lessons"  (Text: Mark 11:12-25)

When I was small my older brother tricked me into eating the fruit off a persimmon tree which had recently fallen off the tree. What I didn't know was that the small fruit produced by this tree is only edible after exposure to a hard freeze in the autumn, which had not occurred at the time.


The moment I bit into it, my mouth instantly swiveled up to the degree that I couldn't open it. I quickly ran to my aunts' home. I ran inside and to the kitchen where they always kept a dipper and pail of water. I tried to wash my mouth out, but I couldn't get my mouth open. I then took one hand and pried my lips open, pouring water into my mouth with the other hand.


When Jesus approached the fig tree in our text for this Sunday (04/02/17) it was not the season for figs. But in this case, it had leaves on it. A fig tree with leaves, indicates a fig tree with fruit. Our message is "Fig Tree Lessons." Our text is in Mark 11:12-25.


We invite you to join us at Concord General Baptist Church located at 3085 Manitou Rd, Manitou, KY.

"The Miracle of Sight"  (Text: Luke 18:35-43)

The word "blind" is found fifty-two times in the New Testament. Thirty-six of them refer to literal blindness and sixteen to metaphorical blindness.


Although the Old Testament doesn't record any healing of the blind, the New Testament says Jesus healed seven blind people.


Jesus' healing of the blind supported His claim to be the Messiah, but there was also something else significant about these healings. Israel as a nation was blind to the will of God, and the Son of God. If Israel, or any nation is to see Jesus for who He is, God must heal their blindness.


Our message for this Sunday (03/26/17) at Concord General Baptist Church is "The Miracle of Sight." Our text is in Luke 18:35-43.


Come join us in our 8:15 or 11:00 a.m service. We are located at 3085 Manitou Rd., Manitou, KY 42436.

Membership Matters Class

Church memberships matters. It matters to us and to God. Join us this Sunday (03/19/17) and next Sunday (03/26/17), for these two sessions on membership matters.


If you are thinking about joining our church or would like to know more about how our church operates, what we believe, or how our denomination operates, please join us for these two classes.


We will meet up stairs in the left wing of the sanctuary during the Sunday School time period, from 10:00 to 10:45a.m.

"Giving Thanks in the Storm"

"[G]ive thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you" (I Thessalonians 5:18 ESV).


At approximately 2:30 A.M. on May 9th, 1996, I discovered that what seems impossible to us is possible with God. On that particular morning, in a hospital room in Nashville, TN, I gave thanks while experiencing a heart wrenching, dream-crushing reality.


When tragedy strikes, we must choose our response. As a pastor, I've been there when loved ones die unexpectedly. I've been there when spouses die of cancer and heart attacks. I've been there when a teenager dies of leukemia. I've been there and I have took notice. Some handle it well, and others not so well.


On this day, however, it was my turn, but this one was different. I've never been there when a healthy looking baby is born, only to be told three hours later that "there is a problem. She's hemorrhaging on the brain; there's nothing more we can do, and it doesn't look good."


Those words were ringing in our ears as the physician over the neonatal intensive care left the room where my wife had given birth to our first child. With the door closing behind the physician, our silence was broken by my father-in-law, a minister, saying let's pray.


When 8:30 P.M. arrived, some 5 hours after our daughter's birth, we were standing at the entrance to the Neonatal Intensive Care Ward (NIC). When I requested admittance over the intercom, we were told to wait for the doctor. Both physicians, the one who delivered our daughter and the NIC physician came out. Unfortunately, they gave us no hope. They said, "If by some miracle she survives, she would most likely live out her life in a vegetative state." They then led us in prayer and suspended all the NIC rules for us.


Shortly after my wife's parents took her back to her room for some rest, around 2:15 A.M., I was informed that a room had been set aside for me to use (We were from out of state.). At first, I declined its use, but after being told I had to put my daughter down to receive another blood transfusion, I accepted the invitation. My motivation, however, was not sleep--I needed some alone time with God.


When I entered the room, I knelt beside the bed. I acknowledged that God already knew what I wanted--I wanted a miracle for my baby girl. I reminded Him--as if He needed it--of how He had healed a woman in the Bible who had been losing blood for 12 years (See Mark 5:25-29). I told Him that if He healed my daughter, I’d give Him praise for it at every opportunity. But I also told Him, regardless of what He did, I would still love Him, trust Him, serve Him, and give thanks for every hour I had with my daughter. Yes, I gave thanks. For many years, the desire of my heart was to have a child. Now, at the age of forty, I had a daughter--if not but for a few hours.


Now, some twenty years later, I am not only thankful for that day and those hours, but also for every day afterwards. We took our baby daughter, Elizabeth Ann Fleming, home with us two and a half weeks later. She is now twenty-years old and a healthy college student, who last year won both the Math, Communication, and Trio student of the year awards at the community college where she attends.


(For more writings from Bro. Eddie go to his blog at   (

Helping Us Help Others

Our church packs 250 shoeboxes filled with various items for children for Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child each year. Shipping alone costs us $1,750. HOW CAN YOU HELP?


We have joined the Kroger Community Rewards Program where they will donate a portion of all sales with Kroger Plus cards linked to our church. What's so great is that you can help without any cost to you. Just simply log on, link your card, and each time you swipe your card, you are helping us help others. The instructions are as follows:


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